Advice to Sacred Learning Students

May 6, 2017

This talk was addressed to the Sacred Learning students at the 2017 retreat on the topic of Spending time with the teacher. Yousuf Azhar, a senior student and friend took sketch notes and has generously agreed to share them. ما شاء الله he is a very talented individual. May Allah(SWT) use him and his talents for the work of Deen.

I am an advocate of making media such as audio and video more transparent i.e. more user friendly in terms of being able to understand the contents without having to listen/watch the entire clip. Transcripts are one extreme end of the spectrum in this regard, but while they allow searching and indexing, they are also time consuming to produce and read. Sketch Notes provide a quick overview of the entire clip but are hard to produce for artistically challenged people like myself. My current go-to option is to provide deep links to key points in the talk. I hope to delve in to further discussion regarding the effective use of media at some time in the future ان شاء الله.

2:07Spending time with the teacher in a distance learning program?
2:49Shaykh Husain's sacrifices and dreams
4:33Distance Learning for Deen cannot work?
6:15Who should I teach?
8:24Knowledge is an integral part of spiritual development
8:53We don't want to be creating intellectual monsters
9:46Our black buffalo is academics
14:01How knowledge was initially acquired
14:36The walmartization of علوم
15:56The nature of knowledge and the need for a teacher
18:53How can we benefit from our teachers in a distance learning program?
21:494500 people used to attend Imam Ahmad's (RA) gatherings simply to observe his adab and mannerisms
25:29Many people study the Deen but miss the point completely
25:55Examples of the emulation of Sahabah (RA) and the pious predecessors
29:06Benefits of studying with a teacher
34:14QA session

Sketch notes by a senior student and friend - Yousuf Azhar

Advice to Sacred Learning Students - May 6, 2017 - Zaib Talat